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Prince Edward Island

Source of Funding: The Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts

Eligibility: The applicant must be a resident of Prince Edward Island for a minimum of six months prior to the application deadline. The applicant must be a resident of Prince EdwardIsland for a minimum of six months prior to theapplication deadline.

Link to List of Grants: Support for Arts

(1) Grant of InterestCreation/Production Grant for Professional Artists

The purpose of the creation/production grant is to support the creation of artistic projects by Prince Edward Island professional artists in the following disciplines: Crafts; Dance; Interdisciplinary Arts; Film and Media Arts; Music; Theatre; Visual Arts; and Writing, Publishing.

The creation grant is intended to support an original artistic expression, production or work. This includes the creation of new works as well as the creative interpretation of existing works. Creation grants are available for individuals or small groups/bands at the senior and emerging professional artist levels.

Upcoming Deadline(s): April 30 and October 30

(2) Grant of Interest: Dissemination/Presentation Grants for Artists

The purpose of the dissemination/presentation grant is to assist with the presentation of the works of Island artists to the public, ideally in a critical and/or curatorial context, in the following disciplines: Crafts; Dance; Interdisciplinary Arts; Film and Media Arts; Music; Theatre; Visual Arts; and Writing and Publishing.

The dissemination grant is intended to provide or support opportunities to publicly present artistic works to increase access, understanding and appreciation of Island art. Eligible projects include: tours, presentations, exhibits, performances, screenings, web presentations of original artworks, limited reproductions, publishing and translation.

Upcoming Deadline(s): April 30 and October 30


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